Not just another blog about testing

When I look around there are millions of blogs about Software Testing and they are all going over to either more a Analytical perspective (Business analysis) or more to a development perspective. In my blog I want to stay close to the essence of testing, not stating I am a old-skool tester but there is more I think to what makes a tester test.

We have such strong technical tools in our hands which we used for decades and now we throw that all overboard because there is a time-to-market issue that developers and operations are in the lead and testers and analysts are obsolete. And the more I think about that bold statement made by some very hard core DevOps-relgious-followers the more I think that is complete *** ****!

So this blog is all about testing, not only methods & tools but also with clear cut examples how to use techniques and gain significate advantages by using and applying them in the right way. And more, this blog will also host Tom’s Test & Technology Update where I will discuss new trends in technology and testing and how they relate to one and another.

So now the first blog post is posted I will soon update with more….